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Tehnologije: Big Data / Data Science / Python

One of the tools at the forefront of data science is the Python programming language. Python’s robust libraries have given data scientists the ability to load, analyze, shape, clean, and visualize data in easy to use, yet powerful, ways. This course will teach you the skills you need to successfully use these key libraries to extract useful insights from data, and as a result, provide great value to the business.

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  • Setting Up a Python Data Science Environment
    • Select Python Data Science Tools
    • Install Python Using Anaconda
    • Set Up an Environment Using Jupyter Notebook
  • Managing and Analyzing Data with NumPy
    • Create NumPy Arrays
    • Load and Save NumPy Data
    • Analyze Data in NumPy Arrays
  • Transforming Data with NumPy
    • Manipulate Data in NumPy Arrays
    • Modify Data in NumPy Arrays
  • Managing and Analyzing Data with pandas
    • Create Series and DataFrames
    • Load and Save pandas Data
    • Analyze Data in DataFrames
    • Slice and Filter Data in DataFrames
  • Transforming and Visualizing Data with pandas
    • Manipulate Data in DataFrames
    • Modify Data in DataFrames
    • Plot DataFrame Data
  • Visualizing Data with Matplotlib and Seaborn
    • Create and Save Simple Line Plots
    • Create Subplots
    • Create Common Types of Plots
    • Format Plots
    • Streamline Plotting with Seaborn
  • Appendix A: Scraping Web Data Using Beautiful Soup

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